Dealing with a National Tragedy


Difficult as it may be for adults to deal with catastrophic events, it's often even more of a problem for children. But, psychologists are offering some insight and therapeutic suggestions from mental health experts.

We're all likely to have feelings of depression or other types of anxiety after 9-11 according to psychologists.

Given that information, when another national tragedy like that occurs, some experts say it's important to deal with it in a family setting.

If you have a young child attending school you may want to limit his or her TV exposure to the event.

Some doctors say if young children don't ask about the event, parents may not want to bring it up at all. That's a strategy to avoid creating unnecessary anxiety.

But in cases of older children who may discuss the topic in middle or high school Monday, talking about the tragedy in a reassuring matter may be a good idea.

Dr. Michael Rogell encourages parents to look out for the following changes in your children.

A change in sleep patterns, diets and attitudes could signal a deeper problem.

Plus, the trauma of the shuttle disaster could be a catalyst to seek professional help.