Eastern High School Health Clinic Opens to Public

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LANSING (WILX)-- Some students don't have to leave school and have their parents take them to the doctor anymore. A new health clinic at Eastern High School gives students the connivence of location, and doctors say more kids will graduate because of it.

The ribbon cutting on Monday marked the official opening of the Eastern High Health Clinic to the Lansing public.

The new clinic can give students help with a range of medical problems including eye exams, behavioral health services, chronic disease management, and sports physicals.

For now students are using it like a regular nurses office.

"They give you tylenol if you don't feel good or let you lie down until you feel better. And there's always someone to talk to in the clinic," said Easton Senior Monique Bennett.

But the clinic is not open to only students. Anyone in the area ages 10-21 can get health services there.

"We want to allow the community access. We want to target students families and siblings if they are in the 10-21 age range," said Dr. Renee Canady with the Ingham County Health Department.

The clinic is the first one in the district since the Ottowa Middle School Health Clinic was shut down. It will hopefully cut down the amount of sick days students are taking and also improve graduation rates.

"There is a correlation between good health and positive graduation rates. We want our students to have good access to good health," said Superintendent Yvonne Caamal Canul.

If you would like to contact the clinic call the Eastern High School at 517-755-1050.

The clinic will be open year round.

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