Gun Control Rally Draws Hundreds

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Hundreds of people were at the state capitol today -- rallying both for and against gun control.

On one side of this debate -- a national grassroots movement founded after the shootings in Newtown, Connecticut.

On the other -- dozens of people who want to show there are law-abiding people who carry guns -- and don't believe more laws will solve America's violence problem.

"What we're doing is getting out the voice for common sense," says Linda Brundage. "We're not on either extreme, we're representing the middle."

That middle-- according to "Moms Demand Action for Gun Sense in America"-- is closing the loopholes that put our children's safety in jeopardy, by banning assault weapons and requiring universal background checks.

"We need to protect our families, our children--- and the way to do that is through the legislative process with comprehensive common sense gun laws," says Brundage, leader of the group's mid-Michigan Lansing chapter.

Members of Michigan Open Carry held a counter protest during Saturday's rally... and say a lot of what "Moms Demand Action" is proposing is not common sense.

"Gun control does nothing to stop criminals from doing what they're doing," says Michigan Open Carry President Phil Hofmeister. "Gun buybacks don't work. You think the criminals are going to give up their guns-- which they use for their trade? It's like asking a carpenter to give up his hammer."

Police disagree. Captain Daryl Green with the Lansing Police Department says closing loopholes in gun laws are necessary, because criminals are getting smarter.

"Some of our savvy criminals know how to navigate the system concerning those loopholes," says Green. "We want to show support for common sense universal background checks for guns."

Whatever side you fall on in the gun control debate, one man from Fenton put it this way--- just speak up.

"All the moms and dads in our country, we have to do something positive," says Tom Moran. "We need to speak up, we need to call our senators and congressman.. ask for something that's common sense."

Lansing Mayor Virg Bernero was also at the rally. He told the crowd that "sensible gun laws", not more guns, will make communities safer.

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