Lansing Family Investigated for Animal Neglect

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A Lansing family is being investigated for animal abuse and neglect for doing nothing to help a severly injured dog.

Goober was brought to Ingham County Animal Control in Mason a couple weeks ago by the son of its previous owner, who passed away. He wanted the dog put down, because of its severe neck injuries, which are too gruesome to go into detail.

Animal control opted for surgery instead... and is now investigating how the injuries happened. "I think the scariest part of this type of case is not so much what happened to the animal, but the fact that the person who allowed it to happen, doesn't see anything wrong with that--- that's the scariest part", says Ingham County Animal Control Director Jamie McAloon-Lampman.

In Michigan, it is against the law to not seek care for an injured animal.
As for 9-year-old Goober-- he's expected to fully recover--- and will be ready for adoption in a couple weeks.

His surgeries are being paid for by the Ingham County Animal Care Fund, which relies on donations to help save injured animals.

Click on the link below to make a donation to that fund.

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