U.S. Commerce Secretary Visits Lansing

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Small businesses like Lansing's Quality Dairy might be able to hire more employees and save some dough if congress passes the President's economic stimulus package. That's according to Republican leaders who support Bush's plan.

According to the plan, small businesses will be able to increase expense write offs by up to $75,000 and avoid double taxation on stock dividends. Quality Dairy's managers said that could help them increase their staff and productivity.

While Republicans spent the afternoon trying to educate the employees at Quality Dairy and stir up support for the President's plan, some wondered if Mr. Bush's tax cuts were a good idea.

Some say huge tax cuts could lead to a bigger deficit, especially with an impending war. Others wondered if Washington would be able to come up with an economic plan that works.

Republican officials said several committees must review the economic plan, and it must be approved by the House and the Senate before it could even takes effect.