2014 MSUFCU Student Art Award Winners Announced

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Congratulations to the high school artists who won this year's Student Art Exhibit Awards put on by the MSUFCU.

More than 100 students from around the area entered paintings, drawings and sculptures. MSUFCU received more votes than ever before--9,000 were cast in the People's Choice Awards.

The winners in several categories were announced Sunday. The list is below:

The School Spirit Award goes to Lansing Christian High School

Juried Award Winners:
1st place-- Kierstynn Holman, Webberville High School
2nd place-- Ian Campa, Haslett High School
3rd place-- Dane Porter, Lansing Christian High School

The People's Choice Awards:
1st place-- Dane Porter, Lansing Christian High School
2nd place-- Rebecca Hull, Lansing Christian High School
3rd place-- Nikki Rakestraw, Lansing Christian High School

Social Media Award-- Jared Eberly, Webberville High School

Honorable Mentions:
Erica Bartlett, Mason High School
Danielle Reinhart, Grand Ledge High School
Kaitlin Houghton, Mason High School
Mia McPherson, East Lansing High School
Vincent Sparling, Waverly High School
Hannah Jones, St. Johns High School
Alexis McCarrick, St. Johns High School
Anai Montalvo, Everett High School
Hanlon Daughtery-Clifford, Waverly High School
Dominic Knisely, Grand Ledge High School
Dane Porter, Lansing Christian High School

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