Traffic Backup on US-127 North

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At the Lake Lansing exit on US-127 north, cars were crawling along bumper-to-bumper on Wednesday afternoon and at one point, backed up to the Grand River exit. One man says he sat in the mess for almost 20 minutes before finally getting off the freeway to go home.

"I'm hoping it's not like this all the time, but I might consider trying to get out of work a little bit earlier," said Farhad Agharahimi.

What's causing the delay?

"Right now, we're have a little different configuration at the intersection of that ramp with Lake Lansing than what motorists are used to seeing," said MDOT Construction Engineer Greg Losch.

Lanes are blocked off on the Lake Lansing bridge as MDOT crews are making major repairs, including joint replacements, barrier improvements, new bridge surface and sidewalks. Engineers say they carefully coordinated traffic control, so the backup shouldn't be so bad all the time. Around peak hour Wednesday afternoon, west-bound traffic on Grand River Avenue was re-routed onto 127 north because of an accident between a cement truck and another car.

Drivers living near the construction say repairs are much needed.

"I've definitely noticed that Lake Lansing road has had a lot of potholes, so I do think construction is necessary, but I do think they could've done a better job of synchronizing the lights to get traffic moving through here smoother."

MDOT crews are checking the timing of traffic lights and may be making changes to help ease the traffic flow. Bridge work is expected to be complete by August.

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