2 Juveniles Suspected in Lansing Stabbing Death

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LANSING - Two juveniles are identified as what Lansing police describe as "suspects/persons of interest" in the stabbing death of a man in south Lansing last week. Timothy Taylor, 47, was killed in the early morning hours of February 20 at the Oak Park Village apartments on Long Boulevard.

Today, Lansing police said in a written release that the case has been turned over to the Eaton County Prosecutor's Office based on a potential conflict in the Ingham County Prosecutor's office. An Eaton County prosecutor says there are some people connected with the incident that had a connection with the people with the Ingham County prosecutor's office.

The two juveniles have not been charged with a crime at this point. An Eaton County prosecutor says the investigations is still continuing and a decision on whether to charge has not yet been reached. The juveniles could not continue to be held indefinitely. The prosecutor says neither juveniles' records raise concerns about public safety.

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