Craft Centre Closing Reaction

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"It's not real," says Diana Zelenka. "I've got 36 years in there, and I'll be okay, but the people who don't have as many years."

"Same old BS, different day. They've lied to us every time they've opened their mouths," says Duke Cole.

"I'm sure GM will take care of us. They're the best corporation in America," says Lianna Bacha. "I know they will."

The emotion is raw, and varied as the staff's that is working leave the plant they've watched struggle thru this troubled year.

"Obviously, we knew the SSR was not selling well as we'd hoped. We knew it was a possibility, but we really didn't think we'd be the ones," explains Dan Fairbanks, president of Local 1618.

There've been more downs than ups for the craftman on the SSR line. Their niche vehicle is slow to move off car dealers lots, and their lines been shutdown for 30 of the 52 weeks of 2005.

The union contract promises 48 weeks of layoff pay, but because they've used so much of it already on temporary shutdowns, the search for new jobs is already forefront.

"I'm not saying they get to go to Delta Township plant, but Delta will need people and hopefully some of our people will get to slide over to the new Delta plant," says Fairbanks.