Tax Tussle Over

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Monday, LCC's board of trustees is expected to approve a compromise on the tax tussle.

The tax debate is over the 640 acres around Eastwood Towne Center. It's designated the township's DDA, or Downtown Development Authority, and state law gives the township the right to collect property tax money earned because of new development here to further develop it.

The DDA act actually says Lansing Township has the right to capture up to 100% of the future property tax revenue there.

The new deal is a compromise on the law. LCC gets 80% of future tax revenues from the Eastwood area. They estimate that's 16 to 19 million dollars. The township will keep the other 20%.

Lansing Township's supervisor John Daher says, "Sometimes when you are battling over money, all you can do is compromise."

LCC's CFO Barbara Larson says, in a statement, "We're glad that both sides were able to work together to resolve this issue positively.... We see this is a win-win for the community, and for the College and our students.

As to where the money will go, Eastwood's been growing and changing since it was built in 2002. Now the township's thinking bigger--office space, perhaps even condos--attractions to bring in more people and with it, more revenue.

"My goal and i think the DDA's goal," says Daher, "is to have a very eclectic, well-rounded downtown development,"

He says the more they do in the Eastwood area, the more the region benefits.

"If we have a lot of success, it will mean more money for LCC, for the region, and for Lansing Township."