City Council Considering Stance on Gun Control

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PERRY (WILX)-- Community leaders of Perry are considering a public stance against new gun control laws.

One city council member has purposed a resolution in support of the 2nd Amendment that will be discussed during this Tuesdays meeting.
The resolution doesn't change federal law, but will send a message to law makers that the council as a whole is against gun control.

"The right to keep and bear arms is the most important element of the 2nd amendment," said Council Member Karen Potter.

Potter is the council member that put the resolution on the agenda. She is publicly against gun control and is asking that her fellow council members do the same.

"It basically states that the city of Perry Council Members who decide to support the resolution stand firmly behind the 2nd Amendment. Its a non binding resolution. We can't change the federal government but it sends a clear message," said Potter.

Potter is unsure how many other council members share her views.
News 10 spoke on the phone with the other four council members, none would share their current views about guns, but we will find out on Tuesday when they have to vote.

Some of those who live in Perry are supportive of potters proposal and admire Potters courage.

"The fact that they are going out and saying they are for the 2nd amendment and pro gun really impresses me," said Perry resident Rod Gruesbeck.

All five council members will have to agree to pass the resolution. Community members are encouraged to attend Tuesday's meeting and will be given extra time to voice their opinions on gun control.

The meeting is Tuesday, March 19th in the lower level of Perry City Hall at 7:00 pm.

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