Coach Cleared

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Sauter says there was no 'criminal intent' on the part of head coach John Bowkus, because he never intended for any of his players to get hurt. Without that intent, however, Sauter says he cannot file charges.

Bowkus does admit, the 'defensive drills' were probably a bad idea, and says it won't happen again.

During the investigation, Bowkus was suspended... and felt for his players. While he was out they attended a showcase tournament in Minnesota... where Bowkus knows most of the coaches and could have put in good words for his players.

He was also worried about his family should he have lost his job. He has a daughter with special needs... and did not want to move her from Lansing.

Now that criminal charges are in the past, Bowkus says he's looking forward to a coming road trip to the Upper Peninsula.

There is still the matter of a player who was allegedly injured during the practice... a civil suit could be a possibility... but for now, Bowkus and the team are celebrating a win off the ice... and prepping for wins on the ice.