Thanksgiving Day and Bird Flu Fears

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About 45 million turkeys will become part of Thanksgiving Day dinner next Thursday. But with growing concerns of a bird flu pandemic, U.S. Department of Agriculture officials are reassuring Americans they can feast without fears.

And according to a spokeswoman at Cornwell's Turkeyville USA, that’s exactly what Michiganians plan on doing. Patti Cornwell says they have gotten a lot of calls from people wanting to know when they can get their fresh turkey and also wanting information about how the turkeys are raised.

Cornwell says some people may opt for a fresh turkey over a frozen one because then they'll know where the bird if coming from. She says their practices haven't changed in light of the bird flu virus in Asia and parts of Europe.

"I think we've always been very protective of our flocks and taking good care of our turkeys to keep them at the highest quality," Cornwell said.

And U.S.D.A. officials said they are keeping a watchful eye on the poultry stock in the nation and there is no risk at this time.