No Blackmail Charges Against Feiger

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No charges will be brought in an alleged plot to blackmail Michigan's attorney general by threatening to expose an extramarital affair, the Oakland County prosecutor announced Tuesday.

Attorney General Mike Cox has said that attorney Geoffrey Fieger, through lawyer Lee O'Brien, threatened to expose Cox's extramarital affair if he did not drop an investigation into Fieger's possible campaign finance irregularities.

Prosecutor David Gorcyca said although a conspiracy probably did take place, he does not have sufficient evidence to prove it beyond a reasonable doubt.

"Neither Mr. Fieger or Mr. O'Brien should claim victory, act virtuous or gloat," Gorcyca said. "Far from it. In my opinion, and based upon my review of the fact, the evidence soundly convinces me that a severe and reprehensible ethical violation or violations were committed by both Mr. Fieger and Mr. O'Brien."