Political Shift

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It's not uncommon in local politics to see people move up through the ranks, but because of term limits you'll see a lot of shuffling in the next changing of the guard.

We're talking about three seats in the House of Representatives, one in the state Senate, and two mayoral jobs.

Bernero becoming mayor means Gretchen Whitmer will run for his state senate seat. Mayor Meadows of East Lansing will run for her seat against challenger Mary Lindemann.

Jerry Hollister, son of Mayor David Hollister, announced today he's running for the seat being vacated by Rep. Michael Murphy thanks to term limits. City Councilwoman Joan Bauer is also running.

Barb Byrum, daughter of Dianne Byrum, is expected to run for her mother's seat. Byrum will leave because of term limits.

Rep. Byrum and Rep. Murphy have not announced their plans for the future.

East Lansing's city council will choose a new mayor at their meeting Tuesday night.