UAW Strike?

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Members of UAW Local 2256 voted to authorize union leaders to strike unless the city meets new contract demands.

The vote does not mean city workers are walking off the job. It just means that union members have given the green light to the bargaining committee to go on strike if it is absolutely necessary.

Of course both sides are hoping it will not come down to that.

"Currently it's not our intention to go on strike, it's to get their attention," said Local 2256 President, Scott Dedic.

The city workers in question include plowing crews, sewer maintenance workers, waste/recycling removal crews, traffic/ parking officers and parks and recreation employees.

"[The city] says it doesn't have enough money to give us a reasonable raise while giving themselves double digits raises," added Dedic, "we don't feel they're being fair with us in the same fashion."

Dedic wouldn't discuss specific numbers, but said workers have had no raise in two years, they've been working without a contract for more than a year, and are under-staffed.

Dave Wiener from the mayor’s office said the package the city offered the UAW 2256 is in line with similar city contracts.

"If you look at the recent agreement with police and teamsters, the package we're offering [2256] is practically the same in terms of economics

Wiener said in voting to authorize a strike, the union is actually trying to make a political statement.

"It's curious that the union would take the vote days before the election, when they're supporting the opponent of the mayor," he said. "It's clearly a political act."