Back Pain, Pain in the Butt?

Doctors have a lot of ways to treat back pain including medications, physical therapy, chiropractic manipulation, injections and surgery.

Sometimes treatments work, sometimes they don't. But doctors say sometimes back pain is really just a pain in the butt.

A condition known as Coccydynia involves the very tip of the tailbone known as the coccyx.

The tailbone is supposed to line up with the pelvis but it bends forward when you sit down on a hard surface. The same is true in pregnancy.

In fact, Coccydynia is the most common cause of back pain related to childbirth. So why have most people never heard of it? Doctors say it is probably due to misdiagnosis or underdiagnosis.

So, most doctors assume it's typical back pain and prescribe treatments like anti-inflammatory medications and physical therapy.

Dr. David Marks says the treatment for this condition is to put the tailbone back in the right place by going through the rectum and pulling the tailbone back, relieving the pain.

The procedure takes about a minute and a half but the relief isn't always permanent.

Some people have to have the tailbone put back into position every couple of weeks.

If you think Coccydynia is bothering you, talk to your doctor.