Domestic Violence Awareness Month

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Magdalena's Tea House in downtown Lansing was home to a candlelight vigil Thursday night for victims of domestic abuse.

"One in every four women in the United States will experience [domestic] abuse at some point in their lives," said Susan Shoultz, the executive director of the EVE shelter in Lansing.

"There will be survivors that will always come because they know this is a place they will be understood," she said.

There are also shelters in Clinton and Eaton counties.

The RAVE shelter is in St. Johns (989-224-7283) and the Siren/Eaton shelter is in Eaton County (800-899-9997).

In 2004 almost 1500 cases of domestic violence were referred to the Capital Area Response Effort, a domestic crisis response team. Almost 500 hundred women and children went to the EVE Shelter in Lansing, and there were 40 domestic homicides throughout the state.

"We know there are many more, there is no way to really know the exact number of people," said Shoultz. "That's because so many women are both afraid to come forward, and afraid of leaving their abusive partner."

She said it's important not only to remember those who have died from abuse, but also to celebrate those who have survived.