St. Johns Middle School V.P. Put On Leave After Incident

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ST. JOHNS (WILX)- St. Johns Middle School Vice Principal Bryan Purves has been put on administrative leave for an incident involving a student a little more than a week ago.

"All I heard was he got in a confrontation with a student," said St. John's High School student Tyler Yaw.

News fly fast in a small town like St. Johns, and some can't believe what they're hearing.

"I've known him a little from the school because my children went there, said Dean Mazzolini. It's been a few years now but he always seems to be a professional and do a nice job in my opinion."

Parents in the district told us they've heard Bryan Purves shoved a high school student during a confrontation at the Middle School.

The School District Superintendent and School Board President are neither confirming or denying that Purves had an incident that involved a student on the Middle School grounds here. The reason why Purves is on paid leave is still under investigation.

"I can't give you details, said St. Johns Superintendent Dr. Ken Ladouceur. Right now I couldn't predict the outcome of the situation. I've had experiences like this before with other staff member and other situations to work through."

Purves hasn't been fired, he could be back to his job next week.

"It is my understanding that our attorney and Mr. Purves's attorney are talking at this time. They could reach a settlement or we could have a hearing in front of the school board," said School Board President William Tennant.

Parents have been notified, and Mr. Purves's administrative duties have been taken over by other staff members in the building.

"A letter went out a week ago, informing of the changes and ensuring adequate supervision is given to their children," said Ladouceur.

Friends of Purves hope that the situation will be dealt with quickly.

"Anytime you have to discipline 500-800 kids you're going to have a situation. I think between the Superintendent, Board and him they'll get it worked out," said Mazzolini.

We'll be sure to keep you updated on what the school district decides.

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