Two Weeks Until Lansing Mayoral Race

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Two weeks from Tuesday Lansing voters head to the polls to elect a Mayor. It's a familiar choice between current Mayor Tony Benavides and State Senator Virg Bernero.

Both will be knocking on doors and making phone calls in the days ahead and both are advertising too. Bernero's radio ad hit the airwaves Monday and his television commercial debuted Tuesday. Benavides says he too has a radio ad and television commercial planned.

Local pollster Ed Sarpolus says the advertisements are a big deal, they send a signal. As for endorsements, Benavides is lagging. His last backing was cinched on October 4. Bernero just got another Monday.

Bernero is also ahead is Sarpolus' latest poll to be released Wednesday. EPIC-MRA polled 300 businesses in the Lansing area.