United Way Thief Turns In

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Twenty-two-year-old Jinny Clark spent the day in the Shiawassee County Jail Wednesday after turning herself into the Michigan State Police.

Clark's attorney, Jon Shabluk, says Clark is facing felony charges that could add up to a maximum of 19 years in jail. The charges include three counts of forgery and one count of embezzlement.

United Way officials say Clark was an administrative assistant when she allegedly stole $1,800 by writing checks to herself. They say only two staff members work at the Shiawassee United Way, and both people have access to financial records. They say that's why a yearly audit is crucial for discovering financial wrongdoing.

Shiawassee United Way representatives say they are working with their audit company to determine the best financial controls for their operation. No changes have been made since officials discovered the missing money.

Officials say the t10 agencies that benefit from the United Way funds will not be affected by the missing $1,800. Clark's attorney says she is willing to fully repay the charity.