Talks with the Governor

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For the past 12 years the anti-abortion lobby has enjoyed a governor who was decidedly pro life, but now with Gov. Jennifer Granholm in the front office, Michigan Right to Life is not about to pack it in.

In fact the group wants to work with the pro-choice governor and actually sees some issues on which the two sides can cooperate.

MRTL lobbyist Kristen Hemker says there is some ambivalence regarding the new governor given that she is personally pro life but politically for the woman's right to choose.

"Our members are very concerned about the new governor, but we'll try to work with her," said Hemker.

Granholm can veto any anti abortion legislation she doesn't like but Hemker says the group can resort to a statewide petition drive to end the run of the governor. It did that during the term of the last pro-choice governor Jim Blanchard.