Livestock Seized from Eaton Rapids Farm

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EATON RAPIDS (WILX) - Livestock animals were seized from an Eaton County farm after unsanitary living conditions were discovered.

Ingham County Animal Control says they found 6 goats, 4 sheep, 4 horses and several rabbits, that were likely starved and in need of medical attention. Many of them had allegedly been hoarded up in a cage in the farms garage. Animal control was not able to save one goat and a rabbit from the farm.

"It's not an ideal situation. This is not how you are supposed to have live stock. A lot of laws and codes are being broken here," said Ingham County Animal Control Deputy J.D. Delatorre.

Animal Control loaded all the animals into a trailer to be taken to the shelter. Delatorre said the animals showed signs of being starved.

"When we got them in the trailer they started eating really fast. They're not in the greatest of health," said Delatorre.

Neighbors say they've been concerned about the animals for awhile and had been throwing food over the fence whenever possible.

"We were watching because we are right next door. You'd never see the water tanks being filled or enough food being put out for them said neighbor Paul Spencer. We have a horse and if he didn't eat all his hay we would throw it over the fence."

"You wonder how this happened. You try not to get mad because there's a story behind everything," said Delatorre.

Animal control says the owner will likely be charged with abandonment and animal cruelty.

"It was lucky we were in time to save most of these animals," said Delatorre.

After being treated at the shelter many of the animals will be sent to a foster farm until adopted.

Animal Control has been to the owner's farm several times over the past years to check on the animals welfare, but doesn't recall seizing any animals until now.

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