Neighborhood Believes A Sex Offender Is In Violation Of His Parole

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"It would worry anybody, but...I trust that my neighbors will keep an eye on me."

It's just one woman too afraid to reveal her name after learning a sex offender lives down the street from her on Lansing's Parkway Drive.

It's a big issue for Neighborhood Watch Coordinator Stephani Hamann, but there's more to it.

"Why is this guy in our neighborhood when he's violating some of his parole conditions," she said.

Frederick Losey moved to the neighborhood five weeks ago. He's been on parole since 2011, after serving 17 years in prison for two counts of first degree sexual conduct.

His parole has 32 conditions, including staying at least 500 feet away from parks and playgrounds.

"He's too close to Poxson Park," said Hamann. "He's 280 feet to the entrance."

After measuring the distance herself, Hamann says she called Losey's parole officer.

"He said he okay-ed it!," said Hamann. "Why does he get to live here when his parole conditions say he can't be this close to a park?"

Ingham County Prosecutor Stuart Dunnings tells News 10 that although there may be a 500 foot limit on Losey's parole, his parole officer can allow him to live within those limits under certain conditions.

According to the Michigan Department of Corrections, Losey's behavior has been good so far during his parole, which influenced his officer's decision.
However, he's still not allowed in the park and has a GPS tracker that sets off an alert if he goes inside.

In the meantime, Hamann is still looking for answers.

"It's just all very fishy and suspicious," she said.

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