Dog Found with Throat Slashed in Lansing Park

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Ingham County Animal Control Investigators are seeking leads in connection with the discovery of a seriously injured blondish-red Pomeranian-mix female found abandoned in a box in Hunter Park in Lansing on Saturday February 9th. The dog’s neck was severely lacerated leaving a gaping wound.

Ingham County Animal Control Officer J.D. Delatorre responded to a citizen call that a small dog was in a box in the snow near the park during the recent heavy snow storm. Officer Delatorre located the dog in a remote area of the park, still inside the box. The injured dog was cold, shivering and whining when he approached her. The dog’s wound was infected with a gaping open gash across her throat. According to the officer, the smell of infection was so strong, he could smell the dog before getting close to it.

“The animal’s injury was gruesome,” said Jamie McAloon-Lampman, Director of the Ingham County Shelter. “This is most disturbing because this poor little dog is extremely sweet and loving. She was obviously someone’s beloved pet once. What was so sad about this is that she was still sitting in the box shivering from the 20 degree cold, yet still waiting as if she expected whoever left her in the snow was going to come back for her.” said McAloon-Lampman. “We estimate she was out there for hours if the night before.”

ICAC is looking for the public to help solve this senseless act. “There is no reason to abandon any animal or to leave an injured animal in the freezing cold—EVER.” said McAloon Lampman.
The ICAC staff has named her Serenity because of her calm and gentle nature during her rescue and during the course of her veterinary care and treatment of her neck wound. Serenity is recovering at the Ingham County Animal Control Shelter where she will undergo further surgery to repair her neck. She is expected to make a full recovery.

A $200 reward is being offered for information associated with this crime. Investigators are seeking leads and welcome any anonymous tips or clues on the individuals responsible for this act. Please call the Ingham County Animal Shelter tip line at 517.676.8376 to share any details of this crime or e-mail

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