Ingham Nurses Benefits Revoked

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As of midnight last night, Ingham Regional Medical Center will no longer provide benefits to their nurses who walked off the job 10 days ago. It's not their legal responsibility to provide coverage to striking employees. In a statement, Chief Marketing Officer David Eich tells us: "It was time. We can no longer afford to pay for benefits for people who aren't working for us."

As the walking wears on, bank accounts dwindle for both the hospital and the nurses. This decision on benefits forces the issue of paying bills both financially and emotionally.

"To cut some of our primary benefits would indicate that they don't want us to come back," Mary Ohrt says.

Where toughing it out's not an option, it's cross the picket or find a new job. They say the options are there...It's simply a matter of making the difficult choice to leave.