100+ Guns Turned in for Gun Buyback

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LANSING (WILX)-- Lansing's 2nd gun buyback program went off with a bang. More than a hundred people came in and traded their working firearms for grocery gift card's no questions asked. Police say they received more than 120 guns from the program, most of which were hand guns.

But the event ended up bringing out more than just people looking to turn in their guns.

Lansing police say the program was a success since it got guns off the streets.

"What you are doing is taking away the opportunity. Taking the opportunity for a criminal that could come into your home and use that gun or perhaps even worse a grandchild or son or daughter accidentally discharging and hurting a family member," said Lansing Police Chief Teresa Szymanski.

Mayor Virg Bernero launched the gun buyback program last year, and this time raised more than $15 thousand dollars for the event. There was a slight change to the program this year, the gift card amount depended on the type of weapon.

"We were giving $100 dollars for a hand gun, $50 for long gun, and $150 for military assault weapon . I am convinced we are going to prevent a tragedy," said Bernero

Just outside where the buyback program was being held pro gun activists were offering cash for guns. Police say the group was fully within their legal rights to be making deals on the street, but it's those types of loop holes in the law that Bernero says need to be fixed.

President of Michigan Open Carry Phillip Hofmeister has a different view.

"I think that's what's right with our laws today in that we live in a free country. We give people an alternative. Rather than getting fire arms destroyed we put them in the hands of responsible people who will use them in a responsible way," said Hofmeister.

Standing out in the cold in midst of the group offering cash for guns was a fairly new group called One Million Moms for Gun Control. The Lansing charter is in support of the gun buyback program and they were speaking out for the first time on their views.

"Our group started 2 weeks ago, and we are looking for those who are willing to join our cause."

To find out more about One Million Moms for Gun Control go to http://onemillionmomsforguncontrol.org/

If you have a gun that you wish to get rid of and didn't make it to the gun buyback program you can still call police and they will come to your home and remove the weapon with no questions asked.

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