Boy Beaten On Lansing School Bus

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A 9-year-old boy was beaten up on the school bus so badly he hasn't been in class for almost a week.

Eliyahson Yahsha is a student at Mount Hope Elementary and said he switched to that school in December because he's been bullied before.

"When I came to Mt. Hope, I thought I wouldn't have to go through that, and then, now I have a black eye," Eliyahson said.

He's been recovering at home since it happened last Thursday. Eliyahson was on his way home from school - a bus trip less than a mile long - when he says a 12-year-old who had bragged about wanting to beat him up, did just that.

"There was blood coming out of my mouth and stuff," Eliyahson said.

When his dad, Talib Cornelius, met him at the bus stop, he said his son looked like Rocky.

"He was red and crying, I got out of the car, and went to the bus driver, and asked, 'Ok, what happened?'" Cornelius said.

The bus driver told him he didn't see or hear anything, and therefore, didn't pull over. Plus, the camera on the bus wasn't working. Lansing Schools said they don't question the bus driver's story.

"You want bus drivers to focus on driving, which is really they're key responsibility," Lansing Schools spokesperson Bob Kolt said. "It's certainly unacceptable that any young person would get hurt riding the bus."

But Eliyahson's dad said the school's response hasn't been adequate.

"My son is now terrified to go to school and to ride the school bus," Cornelius said. "You have to prove to him that he's safe going to that school, and you're not doing that."

In fact, Eliyahson got a letter from the school saying he was suspended from riding the bus because he wasn't in his assigned seat. Lansing Schools said that's been lifted, and the other boy should expect a punishment.

"We will follow up and make sure that the student who was involved and engaged in this activity will likely face some serious sanctions or suspension," Kolt said.

For now, Eliyahson just hopes he gets better in time for a special family event for his grandma later this month.

"I'm wearing sunglasses, I'm trying to do my best to cover it up, but it doesn't cover up that much," Eliyahson said.

Eliyahson's dad is trying to get a lawyer to take on the case. They plan on switching Eliyahson to Shabazz Academy when he feels ready to go back to school.

Lansing Schools said when it's done investigating, they'll release a full report.

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