Allergy Medication for Babies

The number of young children with allergies is going up at an alarming rate, but a new drug may help even the tiniest of suffers.

The FDA recently approved the first prescription anti-histamine for kids as young as six-months-old.

Zyrtec has been a blessing for many parents and children. Doctors say there are no serious side effects but some may have drowsiness and irritability.

Knowing a child at six months actually has allergies isn't easy. Kids can get up to a dozen colds a year, which can be confused with an allergy.

Doctors say a way to see if your child has allergies is by looking at the family history. If one of the parents, grandparents, or even aunts and uncles has allergies, the child is at an increased risk of developing them too. You can have your child tested in an allergist's office.