Walk to School Day

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The international event "Walk to School Day" will take place Wednesday. Administrators at the Michigan Governor's Council on Physical Fitness, Health & Sports says 220 elementary schools in Michigan are participating.

The event's goal is two-fold: increase physical activity and ensure safe walking routes to schools.

Over the past twenty years, the number of kids who walk or bike to school has dropped 42 percent, but the rate of obesity has doubled in kids and tripled in teenagers. Risa Wilkerson of the Governor's Council says this is why instilling healthy habits now is vital.

Part of "Walk to School Day" is also to get parents involved in making their child's route to school safe. Experts say look at street crossings, traffic and possible crime in the area. The Governor's Council offers a tool-kit for parents and others to form a committee to make the school routes safe. This program is recognized by the U.S. Department of Transportation.

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