Economic Impact of Flu at Your Job

It seems that if someone at work gets sick then everyone at work gets sick. But what if getting sick at work is having an economic impact at your job.

Co-workers have been combating colds and flus at work not at home lately because they do not want to use their sick or vacation time to get better.

Corporate America is discovering absenteeism, missed days due to illness, are less of a problem than being on the job. But sick employees staying on the job can result in reduced performances and costing employers billions of dollars in lost productivity each year.

Colds and flu are among the leading detractors keeping employees from being productive at work according to a study by advance PCS center for work and health. The economic impact is significant. Workers combating a cold or flu cost employers nearly $56 billion a year in lost productivity.

Overall the cost of working while sick, which can include chronic as well as occasional illness- is more than $250 billion or more than $2,000 per employee each year.

There are simply remedies that can keep workers healthy and more productive. Such remedies include hand washing and flu vaccinations. But some companies are reluctant to invest in flu vaccinations programs as cost savings vary from year to year.

So far this year has been a mild flu season in most of the country, February is usually the peak.

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