Big Pot Bust

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The largest drug bust in the history of the Albion Department of Public Safety came at the expense of a 75-year-old New Yorker, officers said.

Police discovered 92 pounds of marijuana worth an estimated street value of $280,000 in the man's vehicle during a routine traffic stop.

"He's what they call in the business a `mule,"' Lt. Dan Strowbridge said. "He was simply delivering for somebody else."

Officer Lori Wyman made the traffic stop at 2:20 a.m. Wednesday because she thought the vehicle's operator might be drunk. It turned out that the man was lost and did not intend to take the Albion exit off Interstate 94, Strowbridge told the Battle Creek Enquirer.

During Wyman's investigation, the man's inconsistent answers to her questions led her to believe there might be drugs inside the vehicle, The Jackson Citizen Patriot reported.

She called for Officer Jack Williamson, who handles the department's drug-sniffing dog, Biko. The German shepherd discovered dozens of plastic bags filled with marijuana.