Capital Area United Way Leadership Being Reviewed

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Some say the CEO at the Capital Area United Way should have been responsible for making sure the proper security controls were in place, after an employee allegedly embezzled nearly one million dollars.

Christopher Nelson, President of the Michigan Association of United Ways says he believes integrity can be restored for the charity if the CEO, Bob Berning, were to step down from his position.

The Capital Area United Way Board of Directors - made up of more than 40 community leaders - will ultimately decide whether or not to recommend Bob Berning's resignation. Officials from the board say they are currently discussing the responsibility and leadership of the Capital Area United Way.

Patrick Sheetz, the Capital Area United Way board chairperson says, "Evaluation of leaders is underway."

Bob Berning was unavailable for comment, but a spokesperson for the Capital Area United Way, Mark Holoweiko, says Berning is not thinking about resignation.

Instead, Holoweiko says, Berning's main focus is restitution, maximum prosecution for the alleged embezzler and making sure Capital Area United Way doesn't suffer another financial loss.