Mid-Michigan's Two Pronged Relief Effort

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Lisa Leonard and her husband Troy are with the Salvation Army. They took off to Fort Worth, Texas to help hand out food and were taken aback by what they saw there.

The families are living on cots, and their only possessions were in a suitcase. A woman gave birth to a baby in the middle of a mass shelter because the EMT's couldn't get there in time. Those are just two examples of what they saw.

The Leonard's say the most important thing those people need are substantial homes, not hotels or shelters.

Which is exactly what another wave of evacuees is finding in Lansing. Another 16 evacuees arrived in the Capital City on Thursday, bringing the total of displaced people calling Lansing home (who've been helped by the St. Vincent Catholic Charities) to 84.

Cheval Breggins with St. Vincent's says the evacuees are living in 45 furnished apartments throughout the area, and they are preparing for more arrivals.

The Leonards say while they saw hardship in the south, a lot of positives are also happening; evacuees are finding work and starting their lives over, and family members are finding each other.