Performance-Enhancing Contact Lenses

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The new lenses just arrived at Optometrists of Lansing last week. Eye doctors say the contacts are safe and and help keep your eye healthy.

By reducing glare and increasing the visual sharpness of objects, the contacts also help improve an athlete's performance. They are available with or without prescription.

There are two types of lenses, one for fast-moving ball-sports and the other for golf. So Michigan State University's women’s golf and softball coaches tried the lenses Thursday.

MSU women’s golf coach Stacy Slobodnik-Stoll says her initial impression is the lenses work to reduce glare and she thinks at this point they could be beneficial. Still she questions, what happens if the weather suddenly turns cloudy as she playing.

MSU softball coach Jacquie Joseph says the lenses increase clarity and makes the color white (like a baseball) brighter.

The Nike MaxSight costs $55 for a pack of six which will last six to 12 months. The coaches will continue to test this new technology and News Ten will check in with them in a few weeks to get their final evaluation.