City Council Member Stunned Over New Leadership

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LANSING (WILX) With a new year comes new leadership, and apparently new alliances at the Lansing City Council.

Thursday the City Council swore in a new president, which is not Kathie Dunbar. Dunbar thought she made a deal with previous president Brian Jefferies last year that she would succeed him. So Dunbar was stunned when Carol Wood was named the new boss Thursday.

"It took two days last year, two whole days to have this really detailed agreement. I hoped people had honored their word," said Dunbar.

Jefferies says he turned his back on the agreement because he felt she missed too many council meetings.

"We spent 1 hour and 1/2 going over expectations we thought were going to occur and didn't. Based on those conversations that wasn't the best way to go," said Jefferies.

In the end Dunbar lost 5 to 3. Wood says the budget is the first thing on her agenda.

"First and foremost I will be tackling the deficit. Making sure we are only having services we can pay for," said Wood.

But some members believe there will be a lot of internal conflicts ahead.

Jefferies notes that Wood and Mayor Virg Bernero have butted heads many times, and said he made sure Wood swore to play nice.

"Sparks fly between Carol and Mayor. I have a confirmation from her that she is going to work with the mayor in a reasonable way," said Jefferies.

The new leadership takes over at council's first meeting of the year- January 14th, 7pm at City Hall.

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