Frequent Migranes May Have Some New Help

Taking over-the-counter or even prescription medicine when a migraine begins but for some frequent sufferers a new weapon may help to fight those headaches.

For some suffers who are on blood pressure medication such as Beta Blockers say they have seen a decrease in their migraines. But a new study shows another class of blood pressure drugs may also work called Ace-Inhibitors.

You may wonder what does a blood pressure drug have to do with headaches? The answer may have to do with your blood vessels. The drugs are designed to affect the way vessels open and close.

Blood pressure pills are not the only option, recent evidence shows some anti-seizure medications, anti-depressants and botox injections can also prevent migraines.

All these preventative drugs can have side effects like weight gain, fatigue, and dry mouth. But luckily most patients respond to very low doses of these drugs and avoid a lot of potential side effects.