Shooting Outside Teen Party with Alcohol

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It seems Auggie's Pub and Grill is back in business, but this time for teens and the place is calling itself "ill zone."

"Me and my friend were sitting on the couch and all of sudden we heard pow, pow, pow..." said Diamond Love, a teenager who lives near the pub.

"I was sitting in my bed and all of a sudden I heard shooting," said Rebecca Fellows who also lives near the pub.

Lansing Police say it was supposed to be birthday party. They say a mother rented out the hall for her daughter and when police arrived more than 100 teenagers were there.

But the sign on the front door of Auggie's tells a different story, saying "teen nights" cost $5. Some neighbors say that Auggie's has held teen parties for the past three weekends and that has them frustrated.

"They should have just left it closed, cause that's why they closed it the first time," said Fellows.

Around midnight Monday morning the party turned ugly. Lansing Police found opened alcohol inside the building.

"There's no permits there for alcohol for that matter. As well as you have to have a permit to hold such a large party and neither one of those were granted," said Officer Robert Merritt of the Lansing Police Department.

Neighbors say they heard about 13 shots fired in the parking lot.

Police say a 19 year old was hit with a bullet in the leg, went to the hospital and is recovering.

"The whole reason why they closed it down is from grown folks shooting four or five Saturdays in a row. And then they opened it up for teens and I was like it's going to be chaos I just know it," said Fellows.

"We are seeking charges for not only the adult that had this party but for the owner for an unlicensed establishment," said Merritt. "We also know that sometimes its uncomfortable to call the police department or maybe give information because it's not the thing that is most desirable for a teenager however you can call anonymously. Believe me it would truly help the case if somebody had some important information for that matter to get a gun off the street and potential other dangers."

People with tips should call Lansing Police at 517-483-4600. Anonymous text messages can be left at 847411, just begin the text with LPD517.

Thus far police have no suspects for the shooting. They are however looking to press criminal charges against the adult who rented the building.

Lansing Police say in the last 30 days the company came under new ownership. But State records show the same registered agent dating back to 2007. News Ten visited that person's house today to ask if the business was sold. No one was home and neighbors say they think the man is gone on vacation.

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