Jury Duty Crackdown

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Of the thousands of jury questionnaires that go out every year in Ingham County, about 14 percent never get returned to the court. These are not jury summons, but simply questionnaires to find out if eligible Michiganians can be part of the jury pool.

They are the first part of the process, and so Ingham County's now going after people who disregard not just the summons to be a juror, but the questionnaire.

The worst violators will be called before the Ingham County jury board to explain themselves. Call it last chance, best offer. Testify and you will avoid punishment. If you fail to appear before the jury board, they'll automatically qualify you for duty. That means you could get a jury summons and anyone who fails to respond to their summons, well, that could land you in jail.

Chief Probate Judge George Economy's tough on those types. The crime is contempt of court and it could land you in jail for as many as 60 days.

"The worst thing you can do is ignore me," he says.