Manpower Survey

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The jobs numbers, in general, speak of steadiness. In Lansing, 67 percent of employers expressed their intention to keep staffing levels the same. 27 percent plan to hire, three percent to fire, and three percent didn't know.

In Jackson, 57 percent plan to keep staffing the same, 33 percent to hire, and 10 percent to fire.

Healthcare, finance, insurance, real estate, education, construction, and durable goods manufacturing--those are the fields Manpower says will hire in the next quarter, albeit modestly.

Manpower's local area manager Elaine DeVlieger says it's a stayers market where companies are reaching out to hold onto their employees.

"Providing people with gas cards, increasing the gas mileage they pay, DeVlieger says, "that's the kind of thing they are doing and I think it's a real positive thing for our state and our local economy as well."

The surprise in the jobs outlook: the retail industry, where cash registers usually sing 'round Christmastime. Those managers have mixed intentions on hiring for the holidays.