Okemos Rd. Detour

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Lane closures, hundreds of orange barrels and now a detour. No, it's not the peak of construction season; it's just Okemos Rd.

Since last Thursday, Okemos Rd. from Bennett Rd. to Mt. Hope Rd. has been closed. It will remain closed until the end of September. A three mile detour, west down Bennett Rd, north on Hagadorn Rd. and east on Mt. Hope Rd, is posted.

But those wanting to detour the detour are taking Kinawa Drive to Dobie Rd. Chad Riggs has taken that route and says there's just as many drivers there as on the detour. It's not the recommended route because it's a residential area.

Meridian Township Police are patrolling the construction zones more frequently. An officer is posted at the corner of Okemos Rd. and Kinawa Dr. twice daily. In the last month there have been 16 traffic accidents on the stretch which we're told is not abnormal.