Hillsdale Elects 18-Year-Old Mayor

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Sessions is a senior at Hillsdale High School. He decided to run for mayor when he was seventeen, but had to wait to both register to vote and file his intent to run until he was eighteen. By then he missed the deadline to have his name placed on the ballot, so he declared himself a write-in candidate.

Unofficial results show 732 voters wrote in Sessions’ name. Incumbent Mayor Doug Ingles received 668 votes. The votes will be verified by the County Board of Canvassers Thursday at a public meeting at the Hillsdale Courthouse at 9 a.m.

Sessions said he brings fresh ideas to the city. One idea he's already working on is finding ways to keep Hillsdale College graduates in town and bring more jobs to the city.

All of his classmates are excited to be going to school with the city's next and youngest mayor. Other residents also welcome the change, but are concerned with his lack of experience.

Sessions said he is serious about the job and will be working with an advisory committee to help him along the way. He plans on attending Hillsdale College in the fall.