Benavides Defeat

It began as an all-out celebration with a Latin flavor highlighting the spirit of the man they came to celebrate. Even after Senator Bernero declared victory, the Benavides camp kept that spirit alive. They refused to concede the race until all the ballots were counted.
"With 50 percent of the precinincts reported, the numbers don't look so good."
When the numbers added up against them, Mayor Benavides addressed the crowd, still smiling, still unwavering.
"I'm not conceded or agreeing to anything at all."
His message simply thank you.
" All of you have given more than was necessary, we could have done no more."
Even as the campaigns packed up and put away, Benavides tells his friends he doesn't intend to do the same.
"I am proud of all I did in 3 years, and all those years on council."
His mark on the city's legacy, his commitment to it, still a part of his future."
"This is my town, I love Lansing."