Searching for Ricky Holland

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About 40 police officers mapped out and searched the Ella Sharp Park in Jackson for five hours on Tuesday looking for signs of Ricky Holland.

The search scanned the 560-acre park but turned up nothing.

Lt. Jeff Joy of the Ingham County Sheriff's Office says they were acting off a recently received tip.

Holland's adoptive parents are still considered "persons of interest." It's reported they lived by the park five weeks before Ricky went missing.

The Holland's attorney also released a statement Tuesday restated both Lisa and Tim Holland passed a polygraph test denying involvement with their son's disappearance during the initial investigation. The attorney also says Tim Holland recently passed another polygraph test denying his involvement. That test was administered by another examiner.

In response to this statement, the Ingham County Sheriff's Office has invited the Hollands and their attorney for another interview. At this point, they have refused.