Firefighting Gear Sent South

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Michigan Center based "Holding Our Own" is sending more than one million dollars worth of firefighting gear down to Louisiana.

"We're sending about 800 pairs of boots, roughly 600 sets of turnout gear as well helmets, gloves and rescue tools," says Mark Warnick, Founder of the nonprofit organization. He started the group five years ago to provide used and salvaged items to underfunded fire departments.

With help from firefighters from San Bernardino County, California, Warnick's group will ship much needed gear down south. The California crew arrived with surplus items Sunday and agreed when asked to truck additional gear to Louisiana on their way back home.
They may even return to mid-Michigan to pick up and deliver more supplies.

Meantime, Warnick is gathering up goods but the group needs donations of money to make another trip. If you would like to help, log onto