United Way Case Attorneys Meet in Court

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Lawyers agreed in court that Jacquelyn Allen-MacGregor's assets would continue to be frozen, as they have been since the end of December.

However, a receiver has been appointed to have control of her finances, in case funds need to be released to help care for her animal assets, including more than 40 horses.

Jacquelyn Allen-MacGregor will not have access to her own assets. Lawyers say she must rely on her husband's income to pay for her personal living expenses.

Meanwhile, Jim Narregan, the attorney for the caregivers of nearly a dozen of MacGregor's horses, says he wants to make sure his clients are reimbursed for the costs they've incurred caring for those horses - including six that are pregnant.

Since MacGregor's assets have been frozen, he says his clients have not been paid for the care they've given to the horses. He says it costs about $290 per month to care for each horse. Since January 1, 2003, he says his clients have incurred bills around $11,000.

Narregan says his clients will continue taking care of the horses, regardless of payments from MacGregor.

Attorneys for both Allen-MacGregor and the Capital Area United Way say they are fully cooperating with each other.

Meanwhile, FBI officials are still looking over financial documents and the computer CPU they confiscated from Allen-MacGregor's home on Tuesday morning.