Evacuees Arrive in Lansing

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When they got off the bus, they were hugged and welcomed by total strangers as though they were long lost family members. The ten evacuees are all from the New Orleans area, and until recently, had been housed at Fort Custer near Battle Creek.

The St. Vincent Catholic Charities has 15 furnished apartments waiting for the city's 'guests.' Cheval Breggins with St. Vincent says they're preparing other apartments and will be ready for the up to 500 evacuees they were originally told about.

The evacuees who arrived on Friday all had different stories. One was glad to be as far away from New Orleans as possible. Two are considering relocating to Lansing permanently. One can't find his brother and grandmother... another pled with the media to help find her nine year old daughter.

But, for the time being... they will all be calling Lansing 'home.'

Breggins says he's sure Lansing will be receiving more evacuees from Battle Creek... although he doesn't know when or how many.