Coaches Keep Jobs

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The discipline comes after a MAHA investigation into an October practice where the coaches had the players to drop their gloves and helmets to work on fighting.

The final judgment came after two hours of testimony from players, parents and the coaches. The MAHA committee then went into a closed door deliberation for a little more than a half hour before making their ruling.

Discipline is as follows:

  • All three coaches will have a three game suspension to be staggered among them, so a coach will be available for the teams at all times.

  • 400 hours of community service total among the three, to be supervised by Jim Cain, GM of the Summitt Center which owns the teams.

  • Two years probation for all three coaches.
Players, parents and the coaches were all elated at the news.

A criminal investigation by the Michigan State Police on behalf of the Eaton County Prosecutor's Office is still underway and expected to wrap on Friday or Monday of next week.