President Obama Criticizes Right to Work

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In the midst of cheers and applause on Monday, President Obama addressed a union heavy crowd at the Daimler Detroit Diesel Plant. The president's speech centered around the economy as he continued to rally for the middle class.

"I believe America only succeeds and thrives when we've got a strong and thriving middle class," said President Obama.

However, the president didn't forget about the "Right to Work" legislation, which is the issue taking center stage in Michigan.

"By the way, what we shouldn't do, I just got to say this, what we shouldn't be doing is trying to take away your rights to bargain for better wages and working conditions."

The crowd responded to the president's remarks with overwhelming support. It's a topic many at the plant felt strongly about.

"I do not want this to be a Right to Work state and the governor said it's not one of his top priorities," said Theresa Johnston.

President Obama criticized the Right to Work legislation for being all about politics and not about the economy and argued that Right to Work laws give workers the right to work for less money.

"You only have to look to Michigan where workers were instrumental in reviving the auto industry to see how unions have helped build a stronger middle class but a stronger America," said President Obama.

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