L.C.C. Students Battle Tech Transition

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News 10 has learned one of the largest community colleges in the state is having a hard time making a computer records and data transition. The result is hundreds of students there are feeling the digital pinch especially when it comes to their financial aid.

Lansing Community College has confirmed that about 3,00 of it's 19,000 students are impacted by the technology transition.

A transition that may mean incorrect addresses for some and perhaps no record of financial aid for others.

The college says its older system for enrollment, transcripts and financial data is having difficulty communicating with the new one.

L.C.C. says they are working with students on-line, by phone and e-mail to resolve case by case issues. The company that created the program with the glitches is in round the clock communication and has representatives on site to help.

Meantime, students running into problems are asked to call 517-483-1200.